Dairy Dave is unlike any endless runner you have come across yet!

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You take control of Dave, the involuntary star of a commercial for a big milk corporation.

While avoiding obstacles, your main goal in this beautiful mountain panorama is – you have probably guessed it – to collect as much milk as possible!

Dave can move around freely on the screen with controls inspired by famous classic Jump and Runs. But beware: You are running against the clock! So make sure to keep milking to refill the timer.

While you progress through the game, the obstacles become tougher to avoid, too.
The graphics, music, and sound effects are straight-up inspired by the good old days of video game history.

How Dairy Dave is made:

🎹  Bitwig and the Super Audio Cart Plugin
🎨  Aseprite and the Lospec 500 color palette
👾  Godot

Who made Dairy Dave?

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Tags2D, Arcade, chiptune, Endless Runner, Funny, jumping, Mountains, Pixel Art, Retro


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very nice. how do you get the sharp pixels?

thank you! You can set very useful options for that in Godot. I drew everything on a 160 x 90 pixels canvas and set up the game to have this size as well :)

Godot and Unity seem to be capable of doing that quite effectively. I guess they use 2D based on 3D decals with texel interpolation off. I did 2D by drawing 320x240 and scale the canvas up 3x, but it blurs it. I love the parallax in level two, such powerful colors.

As far as I know, Godot uses "pure 2D" unlike Unity. But I am no expert in this regard^^ Apparently it's "easier" to build pixel art games in Godot than in Unity. And yes, in Godot is a feature to import all sprites in "true 2d pixel art" to get rid of compression :) Which engine did you use for your project? Thank you! The color palette however, is from lospec.com :) I use it quite frequently ^^

That wasn't an engine per se. In the past I've been coding in Blitz3D, recently I wrote a converter for the 2D part using the JS 2D canvas. I guess scaling the canvas is just the wrong way. I also code in JS, but it's so picky,  development in the Blitz3D IDE is much faster, which is why I went that way. I got Godot installed, but I usually having a hard time with Scenegraph hierarchy based editors, as I prefer entity component systems.

Have you tried Phaser2D? I use it sometimes since you can build super fast web games with it^^ I have never heard of Blitz3D but it looks interesting. Luckily, different types of engines and frameworks are abundant these days ;)


good game :)

Thank you ;D


Great and fun game.

Hi! Thank you for the video! It was fun to watch you play :D